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Kate Upshon

Kate qualified as a nurse in 2000, and went on to specialise in oncology care in 2005 at the University of Surrey where she obtained a BSc in Cancer Care. She has worked at St Luke’s Cancer Centre since 2004 and has been involved in the care of patients with melanoma in a variety of settings, from administering treatments, running research trials and now as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for patients with a skin cancer diagnosis.

As a clinical nurse specialist Kate has been involved in the care of patients with melanoma and has witnessed how the treatments have evolved in the last 13 years. Kate is passionate about raising awareness of skin cancer, its risks and prevention and has been motivated and influenced by Dr Ajaz who shares this passion and commitment.

Kate is committed to ensuring that dedicated research is continued in the fight against melanoma, having been involved with the most courageous people along their journey and fight against melanoma and now being in the privileged position to be involved with Story FMR.

She looks forward to the new challenge of charity trustee, and helping to support the dedicated research teams strive to find a cure for patients with melanoma.

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