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Pam Walls

In a career of over 40 years, spent principally in engineering and project management consultancy firms, Pam developed a wide-ranging experience in all aspects of business administration and management.  She was a founder Director of Infrata Limited, a successful consultancy business which provides due diligence and monitoring services to support investors in major infrastructure projects around the world.

She met Dr Mazhar Ajaz and his team when her partner and MD of Infrata Limited, Steve Brundle, was one of his melanoma patients.  Although sadly Steve died in February 2016, Pam recalls their visits to the hospital as being full of hope and quickly understood how much they were benefiting from cutting edge and experimental treatments, freely given in an atmosphere of mutual respect and personalised care.

Inspired by Dr Ajaz, his engaging style and total commitment, Pam has now stepped away from her company to help set up and run our new charity.  Bringing her considerable commercial and personal skills to the role, Pam is determined to make Story FMR a success, delivering appropriate funding to support dedicated research into melanoma and other skin cancers.

She now has more time to devote to her cottage garden and vegetable plot, and also enjoys many creative pursuits, including card making, pottery and needlecraft.

Pam is the charity’s Chairman and acting Secretary.

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