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We are pleased to note that one of our Trustees, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist Kate Upshon, attended the British Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses Annual Conference last week.  Kate reports:

“It was great to network with other nurses all working in the same field supporting patients and their families.  There were some fantastic speakers talking about the continuing advancements in treating skin cancers.

Sessions included the recent licensed and funded treatment now being given in the adjuvant setting (stage III), which is treatment given after initial surgery to remove the melanoma and the presence of melanoma in the lymph node, in order to reduce the risk of the melanoma coming back.

Our good friend, Marie Tudor, gave an update on the fantastic work SKCIN have been doing recently and the launch of their MASCED, melanoma and skin cancer early detection course, and how it is already training eyes to save lives.  (Readers may remember that Story FMR is proud to be supporting SKCIN in this important initiative.)

The most inspiring speaker by far was one of the first patients treated with Ipilimumab in a trial setting, who completed his treatment back in 2008 and 10 years later remains free from Melanoma.  This is a marvellous story, and gives us great hope for future research and development of more and more effective treatments.”

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