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At Story we are delighted to report that world-renowned architectural practice, tp bennett,  have organised a cycle event to celebrate the life of a very special colleague and to raise funds for us.  We are very grateful for this magnificent fundraising  opportunity, and wish all the riders a joyous and successful trip.

Please read the story in tp bennett’s words below:

“In memory of Richard Beastall, our greatly missed friend and colleague, tp bennett are organising a 275 mile (440km) cycle ride in collaboration with Club Peloton from 17-19 September to raise money for the charity Story, Funding Melanoma Research, pertinent to the treatment Richard received.

The Route

Day 1 will see riders leave Matlock, where Richard spent much of his childhood, for a send off by some of Richard’s family before making their way down through Derbyshire and into The Cotswolds to finish in Chipping Norton.

Day 2 leaves the Cotswolds behind and will see the riders make their way into Central London via the Chilterns to finish at tp bennett’s offices in Southwark.

Day 3 sees a slight change to the ride format and size, with the addition of 49 more riders who will meet at tp bennett’s office before making their way out of London and down into Kent, with a final re-grouping point near to Cooden Beach, where we will form up as one large ride and complete the final 7-8 km’s through to the coast line where Richard and his husband Martyn designed and build their home by the sea.”

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