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Octogenarian Barbara Laws is certainly a remarkable woman.  She has two children, three grandchildren and her ninth great-grandchild is due in January 2020.  Family is very important to Barbara and, together with one of her great-granddaughters, Charlee, Barbara did a skydive to raise funds for Story FMR.  Their jump was inspired by the sad loss of Julie Bayliss, mother-in-law of Laura, Barbara’s granddaughter.  Barbara is particularly keen to support our work in raising awareness of melanoma in memory of Julie.

Their jump was postponed twice in view of inclement weather, but it finally took place on 31st August 2019 from Old Sarum Airfield, near Stonehenge.

Barbara told us that she wasn’t in the least scared – as the photos show – and Charlee, a talented and award-winning aspiring dancer, thoroughly enjoyed the jump.

Barbara and Charlee exceeded their fundraising target of £1,000, raising over £1,300 for Story FMR – an amazing result.  Well done and thank you ladies!

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