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Laura Sonka, from Loyola, Maywood, Illinois, USA, has made contact with Story FMR through our Twitter account and is kindly sharing her story with us, in order to offer hope to others going through similar journeys to hers:

In 2009, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Stage lll melanoma. It spread to my lymph node in the groin. After two surgeries and high dose interferon for one month I can proudly say I am cancer free!

My parents were there for me every step. The year previous to me being diagnosed my dad had a brain aneurysm which blinded him in one eye. They would go to every doctor appointment. Pick me up take me to chemo. If it wasn’t for them and the great doctors at Loyola I wouldn’t be here today.

This was a very hard journey for me mentally and physically. No one ever tells you how mentally it will affect you. To this day every day I still worry it will come back…but as for now I’m here and don’t plan on going anywhere soon. I never thought skin cancer could kill you. I’ve heard that a lot from people. But it can.

I am proof that you can do it and can survive. Just fight every day…and you can beat cancer.

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