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One hundred ladies enjoyed our Fashion Show at Gate Street Barn…

Could raising money for charity be more fun?  A question a number of ladies may be asking, having attended our Colours (fun)draising Fashion Show at the stunning Gate Street Barn, south of Bramley in Surrey on Wednesday night, 16th May 2018.

What a success!  Together we raised over £2,000!

We would like to thank each and every lady who attended – we had exactly 100 present, meaning that Colours did not charge for the evening, and indeed contributed £100-worth of vouchers for our raffle.  Thank you, Colours, for an amazing show, wonderful clothes at surprising prices (oooh was the cry from the audience!), and for working so hard on the night.   Our grateful thanks also go to Jane and Nick Hutley, owners of Gate Street Barn, for the generous loan of their beautiful venue, and to Lisa Gough, Manager, for looking after us so well on Wednesday night, in the middle of a busy week in the peak wedding season.  To everyone who contributed a prize for our raffle – thank you!  Thank you too, to all our Story volunteers, supporters and helpers on the night and in the background– your help is truly appreciated.

Feedback has been excellent, and we plan to run more Fashion Shows – after all, who doesn’t like a bargain?

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